This is a great story, that I break down into 5 steps:
1. What’s the challenge?
2. What’s the future you dream of? Little dreams are fine!
3. Research tools and programs for a limited time.
4. Design practical change systems.
5. Do the work and remember to celebrate each tiny milestone.

It’s true that having a community is a part of this life change movement.
But I find that my biggest obstacle is myself – changing myself and documenting the process is how I’m going to overcome my challenges and help people who want to overcome their challenges too.



Determined to make a change, she learned how to balance her finances and began documenting her journey toward economic freedom on social media. That led her to create a Facebook group in November 2017 called The Broke Black Girl where she shared tools and resources for fiscal success with other black women. The group ballooned into an active platform where African American women around the country would share their own financial trials, tribulations, and tips. Members also encourage one another and hold each other accountable. Within six months, the group had 30,000 members. Today, Kennedy says The Broke Black Girl boasts around 40,000 members from over 32 states and 68 countries and has generated over $10,000 in revenue.

The Broke Black Girl: How a Facebook Group Became A Financial Movement for African American Women

Dasha Kennedy, founder of The Broke Black Girl Dasha Kennedy was a wife and mother with a corporate job in her 20s but she […]

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