I certainly hope it’s the new normal! In fact, I think many older adults are ahead of the curve on lifelong learning. I’ve been thinking about taking some university-level leadership-focused programs like Seth Godin’s altMBA or Stanford’s LEAD program. They are both on my ‘important possible’ list, since becoming a more well-rounded leader is one of my personal goals.

In the meantime, I’m learning on my own. And I think being older is helping me take learning more seriously. So, kudos to all of you who are going back to college, and/or developing your skills in any way that works for you!

Sometimes the joy of learning itself motivates an adult to enroll in college, but often there’s a practical payoff, too. Even in your 50s or 60s, there can be a significant economic upside to earning, or completing, that college degree.

Now that college commencement season 2018 is in the books, it’s easy to picture an empty campus quad with ivy-clad buildings awaiting a new […]