Content is queen

Y’all, I have messed around with this website for months. Months!

Different designs. Different platforms. Different approaches. Mind maps. Automatic writing.

I’ve dived deep into themes (I’m a WordPress fan). Testing how things look on mobile. Testing how things look to those with older eyesight, like mine. Yes to the logo on top. No to the logo, just the title. Nothing was perfect. Nothing fit the image I had in my mind.

So I researched, waited, and procrastinated. And didn’t write a thing.

Until now. I feel compelled to just pick the closest to the simplest theme, and get on with it.

Is it perfect? No.

Will I tweak it? Eventually.

What made me finally start writing? The sense that time is finite and if I start, I’ll figure everything else out as I go. Without content, this project remains just an idea.

So, here goes 🙂



So, what do you think?

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