Well, slowly, lol. I’ve never measured my speed. But there are younger or fitter people powering up the slope past me all the time. It’s a bit like noticing all the ways that other people are already making money online: I’m hearing high heels striking the pavement with rat-a-tat precision as they pass me.
Grey suited pant-legs scissoring past.
Fashionable sneakers (I’m on a hill in Tokyo, after all) loping quickly upward.

Getting passed by folks who are, at the moment, more able.

I mostly see my shadow, preceding me as I make my slow, deliberate way up the hill.

But I continue to breathe, deep in my lungs, and try to reach a little bit further. Shall I make it to the postbox? Can I go all the way up without stopping?
It depends on how active I’ve been the day before.
It depends on how well I’ve eaten.
It depends on whether I’ve gotten enough sleep.
It depends on me.

That’s the way I see this quest to learn how to make money online. I’m taking it slowly, sometimes distracting myself (squirrel!), sometimes weighed down with the fear that I can’t do it. But, every time I’ve put the idea aside, it has nagged and niggled at me. The idea of doing this won’t let me go.

So, I’m taking the hint. And I figure that, since I can’t be the only unconventional woman in her 60s who is looking to find a personal source of fun, experience, learning, joy and income outside of her full time job (since she, like me, may have one).


So how do I climb the hill at 60?

I keep my head down, concentrating, step by step, until the top is at least in view.

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