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Hi, I’m Terri

It’s nice to meet you!

Are you a woman in your 60s and beyond?

Me too!

To get a better handle on this part of my life, I’ve been reading tons of sites and books for older people. Some have excellent information, including health, dating, retirement advice. But my main feeling when reading them is ‘You talkin’ to me?’

I don’t think they were.

Have you ever found yourself stuck between the world of millennial life hacks and retirement advice?  Hacking Your 60s was made for you. One of my passions is finding, choosing and sharing life hacks (people, programs, and resources).  This site is the tool I wanted to use.

Hackingyour60s is the place for women in their 60s to find inspiration, motivation, information, and fun.

Do you ever say to yourself:
* I climb painstakingly on the ‘get healthier’ wagon. Then I tumble off with varying degrees of grace.
* I want to define and visualize the future I want and work to make it real.
* I want to dive deeper into the joys of learning what I want to learn.
* I want to leave the world better than I found it, and that begins with being better myself.
* I want to be more open to joy than I am now.

I believe that there are others like me out there and we can inspire, motivate and inform each other.

Plus fun!

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