This is true of the hackingyour60s project. I’m passionate about the internet, and all the amazing opportunities that grow out of it. I think of myself as an older digital native – not only enthusiastic but eager to try things first (my best friend complains that I try everything first, get other people into it, and then I7m to the next thing…but I digress 😉
So, it’s absolutely true that, if you are passionate about something, that may give you a leg up when it comes to starting a side hustle. Especially if you’re still working full-time, that passion, and some planning, plus half a lifetime of experience as a human, could be your edge in building an audience for your work.

At least that’s what I’m betting on 🙂

Opportunities based on a personal passion abound. Hannon, the AARP jobs coach, says she’s worked with people who started businesses based on interests as varied as sewing, gardening and dog grooming.

“There are ways to tap into your passion and what you love to start your own business at over 50.”

The passion that spurs someone to dream of starting a business isn’t reserved for the techie Millennial in the torn jeans and hoodie. Even the person in the relaxed-fit khakis and reading glasses can feel the zeal. Research shows Baby Boomers may have a greater passion for entrepreneurship than […]